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Should I Take Rogaine Or Propecia

Apr 12, 2020Rogaine and Propecia are the two most popular hair loss treatments on the market. They work in different ways to combat balding,.

  • Minoxidil is a medication that’s commonly marketed under the name Rogaine, and finasteride is marketed under the label Propecia. You might use either Rogaine or Propecia to help treat hair.

  • Nov 23, 2007Taking both Propecia and Rogaine together are said to have a synergistic effect, thus being the best fighting force against hair loss when taken together. However, if one were.

  • Propecia actually fights the causes of hair loss by blocking DHT, meaning that the thinning and hair loss process will stop, giving hair an opportunity to grow at its natural pace and thickness..


Should I Take Rogaine Or Propecia

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